Definition Cruel Person

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informal person who behaves in a very violent, cruel or rude way There had been a cruel misunderstanding on his part somewhere; This misunderstanding must be dispelled. High school can sometimes be cruel: cruel teachers who seem to organize themselves to pile everyone on papers and tests for the same day; cruel students who are mean to each other; and even cruel cafeteria workers who create disgusting mixtures from mysterious meat. By its Latin ancestors – crudelis “coarse and insensitive” and crudus “gross or coarse” – cruel is related to the English word crude, which means coarse or not fully formed. The story of Alstory Simon has all the magnitude and magnitude, the cruel reversals and the senseless waste of a real tragedy. Mainly journalism is a cruel or immoral person, especially one who behaves in a violent or sexually offensive way, a word offensive to someone, especially a woman who is rude or cruel someone who uses the Internet or a mobile phone to send messages or images to another person for the purpose of frightening or upsetting them, Wild, barbaric, savage, cruel means showing anger or wickedness in looks or actions. Wild applies to people and animals that trigger terror when attacked because of their wild and threatening appearance or anger. Fierce Warriors Ferocious involves extreme ferocity and unrestrained violence and brutality. A barbaric wild dog implies a ferocity or ruthlessness that is considered unworthy of civilized people. The barbaric treatment of Savage prisoners implies the absence of inhibitions that keep civilized people full of anger, lust, or other violent passions. Brutal criminal cruelty involves indifference to suffering and even the positive joy of inflicting it. the cruel jokes of schoolchildren someone who frightens or hurts another person, especially over a period of time someone who seems to be friendly, but in reality is unpleasant or cruel At what age did this statement, which is undeniable, rise to cold and cruel heaven? His latest books draw a lot of inspiration from the experiences and people he met in the bar, including the cruel captain in The Sea-Wolf.

It may sound a bit cruel, but given his behavior, it`s his fair reward, but on the other hand, I think it could work in his favor. A clinician who had grown up in the city turned to Anna Mueller for help to break the cruel cycle. The Eighth Amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment,” and the Supreme Court ruled that the amendment prohibits states from imposing certain penalties on certain people. Someone in a position of power who behaves cruelly and unjustly In a thousand trials, Moses` cruel witness sent innocent women to an atrocious death. Her silence had frightened her: what if he resented Dr. Ashton`s cruel words? The governor of New Jersey has vetoed a ban on a cruel practice rarely used for pregnant pigs. Beyond these two high-profile cases, this term gives the Court the opportunity to reshape the law of cruel and unusual punishment – and potentially significantly weaken existing safeguards against such punishments. A formal person who believes they are right to do anything that will help their political or religious ideas succeed, even if it is cruel or unfair for someone to take pleasure in hurting or being cruel to someone else, not to those in power, not to the cruel and inhuman, not to the rich. Someone or something that causes pain or suffering can be described as cruel. It would be cruel of you to offer chocolate to someone on a diet.

And then Jolly Robin would be ashamed to have even thought of being so cruel to a young bird, even if it were a cow bird. Hatuey replied that he would rather be burned and sent to hell than meet again people as cruel as the Spaniards. This is the cruel way someone responded anonymously to a family asking for help for their sick child. Used to say that someone is unusually uncomfortable or behaves unusually badly, someone who tells you something to amuse you by embarrassing you nicely or wickedly or slightly boring, an old-fashioned immoral man who treats others very badly, humorous someone who has very right-wing political opinions or forces other people, to do what they want, someone who uses their influence or status to threaten or scare someone else to get what they want, from Middle English, Anglo-French, Latin Crudelis, Crudus – see approximate entry 1 informal someone who is often angry and aggressive and doesn`t care if they hurt others.