Definition Herd of Cattle

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The guards reported a sign of danger, and then the herd fled; This is how their enemies learned to hunt by following the hunt. One of the ways the pandemic can end is through “herd immunity,” that is, when enough people are vaccinated or infected for the epidemic to recede on its own because there are no longer enough people to be infected. Britannica English: Traduction de herd for Arabic Speakers Middle English, from Old English heord; Similar to the old High German herta herd, the Middle Wales cord troop, Lithuanian shepherd KerdÅ3/4ius The mahouts are said to have controlled pairs of kookies to separate an adult elephant from the herd and squeeze on both sides. You will learn that I am a spokesperson for the scientific status quo. The path to herd immunity against the coronavirus suddenly seems longer. This is a good example of effective partnership between community leaders and the public to do their best for people and herds of deer. Because measles is so contagious even with herd immunity, it can find a weak limb and spread. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “herd.” The opinions expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. This could delay herd immunity until the fall or later, scientists say. “Herde.” dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 11 October 2022.

Why send him a picture of a slate-colored cow when a Durham herd grazes right in front of his eyes every day? Whenever a herd reached a branched valley, a large bison drove a small herd. Napolitano having given up unexpectedly, Obama must find someone who can ride the herd on the massive and unruly agency. If enough people refuse to be vaccinated, herd immunity could be difficult to achieve. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of additional definitions and advanced search – ad-free! As if to prove that he was a true prophet, the flock cracked against a rocky peak, and we washed up on it. A herd is a group of animals or people who behave like a group of animals. It`s also a verb – when people raise animals, they try to move them in the same direction. While his trombone skills are decent, he certainly attracts a crowd – or rather a herd. A herd usually refers to a group of animals with hooves, such as cows or sheep (carnivorous animals such as wolves roam in packs). On a farm, shepherd dogs are responsible for the flock of sheep. Herds of buffalo roam the plains.

It`s rarely a good thing when people behave like a herd, that is, do what everyone else does. You may want to “detach yourself from the herd” if, for example, everyone wears wind turbine hats. If you`re having trouble getting people together, you might say it`s like “keeping cats.” Cats never follow the instructions. Who can explain the sixth sense, which warns a night shepherd of a moment of mass panic before the flock jumps off the floor of the bed? before the 12th century, in the sense defined in sinn 1a.