Will Law Join Straw Hat Fleet

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There`s no point in trying to balance Luffy`s crew in Wano anyway, and the strength and importance of the Straw Hats should be the strongest pirate crew in history, perhaps even rivaling the rock pirates in their heyday. While One Pieces` Wano Arc answered a lot of questions, it seems to have presented as many new puzzles as it solved the old ones. An incredibly popular question that One Piece fans have discussed intensely is who will officially join the Straw Hat team after the Wano arc. Crocodile even prevented Ace`s execution. He`s somewhere in the New World right now and he definitely seems to be a character who still has a role to play in the series. It won`t be too surprising if he joins the Grand Fleet in the future. No one knows if Dragon possesses a devil`s fruit or a haki, but it is clear that he is a strong individual. It seems that the World Government will try to stop Luffy from reaching the last island, and when that time comes, Dragon will probably take his army to fight alongside Ruffy`s allies. Here are five One Piece characters who could eventually join the Straw Hats, and five more who never will. As news of Ruffy`s exploits spread around the world in the Big Mom area, the large fleet was also reported. Silhouettes of Bartolomeo and Cavendish have been shown telling the world about it. Their existence was a key element in Luffy becoming the “fifth emperor of the sea”.

[19] As a man identified as the most likely captain of the Big Mom Pirates, it is incredibly unlikely that Katakuri will join the Straw Hats unless his own crew disbands. The biggest surprise is that he joined the Blackbeard Pirates. This was quite shocking considering that Blackbeard is a notorious pirate. It just doesn`t seem fair that Aokiji works for Blackbeard, even though he`s on an undercover mission. Either way, there`s a good chance he won`t be joining another pirate alliance anytime soon. Three days later, the seven crews helped the straw hat pirates escape from Dressrosa and capture them by the Marines. When they reached Orlumbus` ship, the Yonta Maria, the captains of each crew asked Ruffy if they could perform a parent-child Sakazuki ceremony and submit to him. [9] Luffy refused, but said they would still be bound by their fight with Doflamingo and would help each other at all times. However, the captains decided to drink the sake anyway, created a modified sakazuki ceremony of the pendant, and promised to help Luffy whenever he needed it, while Luffy didn`t have to do the same. The Straw Hat fleet was then formed, and a group followed when their fleet left Dressrosa.

[1] The fleet then split again into its own crews. Each captain took a piece of Ruffy`s Living card. The Tonta Corps returned to Dressrosa to help with the reconstruction. [10] As with Law, Kid will probably never join the Straw Hats unless he somehow loses his own crew. He already has his own group and goals, the latter directly rivaling Ruffy`s ambitions to become the pirate king. Mihawk doesn`t seem interested in having a team, and he`s probably the only Shichibukai who was happy that the organization was disbanded. Although he respects Ruffy`s determination, it is unlikely that he will join the Grand Fleet. Considering she calls herself Oden, a trip with the future Pirate King would be an incredibly appropriate decision for Yamato`s character.

She read about Oden and Roger`s journey to the last island and always expressed the desire to leave Onigashima and sail the seas. She is arguably the most likely candidate to join One Piece once One Piece`s Wano arc is complete. Smoker knows that Luffy is not the kind of pirate who likes to loot and torture, but he still considers him an enemy because he is a Marine who has dedicated his life to eliminating pirates. Therefore, he will do everything in his power to stop Luffy instead of helping him. Momonosuke and Luffy have become friends, and when Wano is freed from Kaido and Orochi, the Straw Hats are considered heroes. Wano will pay off the straw hats in the future, and Momonosuke will lead the country with the rest of the Grand Fleet. I feel like Law certainly wouldn`t be Luffy`s cheerleader in the big fleet. He would still have his own crew, he would only be associated with straw hats Often Boa`s name is overlooked in debates about powerful characters, which is quite shocking. Boa had the opportunity to join the Shichibukai shortly after his first trip. This proves that the world government knew this could become a serious problem in the future, so they wasted no time trying to make sure they were on the right side of Boa. Despite his hatred of the world government, Boa accepted the offer because it meant Amazon Lily would be safe from the Marines. It`s incredibly unlikely that King will essentially turn his face, leave Kaido, and join the Straw Hats in the process.

Buggy doesn`t mind taking advantage of Ruffy`s naïve personality, but he hates him anyway. Buggy hates him since the captain of the Straw Hat defeated him in Orange Town. If Buggy has no interest in teaming up with Shanks, then there`s no way he will join a fleet dedicated to supporting Luffy. Thus, we can assume that Luffy and Law share the status of EQUALS, while those of the Grand Fleet share the status of SUBORDINATES. Also note that this objective was expanded at Momonosuke`s request, as Kaido also holds the shogun, known as the Ninja Pirate Mink Samurai Alliance. The Grand Fleet has sworn an oath to Luffy, but they do not have to, even though they are in the alliance. However, this often leads nowhere, as Law has wit and judgment, and the fleet leaders have enough common sense to follow these orders. However, the Wikia also states that the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet returned to the Standing Kingdom after leaving Dressrosa.

Orlumbus then spoke to the king and retired as an adventurer before starting another day as a pirate. He then bid farewell to the kingdom when the king and his army attacked his fleet with cannon fire. After that, Orlumbus began his first campaign as a pirate by attacking an island. However, after discovering that the citizens were poor, Orlumbus decided to give them food and supplies instead. After that, Orlumbus and his fleet left the island. He has no respect for the lives of others except his family members, and after being defeated by Luffy, he was humiliated.[18] There`s no way he`ll help Luffy become the pirate king, and even if he wanted to, he`s currently a prisoner in Impel Down. Yamato`s future is still in the air, so it would be naïve to think that Boa would join the crew without prior development. Anyway, it`s obvious that Boa has a role to play in the final saga, otherwise it wouldn`t have made sense to save her from the beginning. While he and the Heart Pirates can join the Great Straw Hat Fleet like many other One Piece crews, it is incredibly unlikely that he will become a full member of the Straw Hats. Law should be his own character doing his own thing Luffy has enough cheerleaders right now and that`s all Law would be if he joined the Alliance. He already has his own crew letting them go.

I would much prefer Jura to join the crew. He has been in history since PH and has a history worthy of a straw hat. His goals coincide directly with Luffy`s and so on. I can see him swallow his pride and join the crew to see the One Piece and see D`s will first-hand. Especially now that he has grown physically, it seems increasingly likely that Momonosuke will join the crew of Straw Hat. He may want to follow in his father`s footsteps, much like Yamato, especially after hearing about his latest adventures from her. Considering that he is still a child mentally, he is still unable to rule as Shogun of Vano, which further supports him in joining Luffy`s crew. The seven members are known in the world of One Piece.

However, there have been many theories that other characters will join the Great Straw Hat Fleet. Back in Marineford, Mihawk said Ruffy`s greatest asset is his power to win people to him. Mihawk called it “the most formidable force,” and it`s pretty obvious that Luffy will meet a lot more people and they might end up joining the Grand Fleet.