Wisconsin Legal Name Change after Marriage

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Next, you`ll need to contact the Social Security Administration to get an updated Social Security card that formalizes your legal name change in Wisconsin. This step is required in the United States before you can perform any other name change tasks. A person who needs to change their name after marriage will need the following documents to complete the process: Check out the Wisconsin County Clerk Vital Records Marriage Handbook for more information on how to get a marriage certificate in Wisconsin, including the schedule of applying for certification (there`s a handy chart). The most important step to move forward with your name change? Have your marriage certificate worksheet accepted and registered so that you can obtain a certified copy to present to the Social Security Administration (more on this) to facilitate your name change. After receiving an updated Social Security card, updating a driver`s license is the next step in changing an applicant`s name. Individuals must visit a Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) customer service center to apply for a dual license. You must provide: The legal change of your name in Wisconsin is not complete without updating your driver`s license or ID card. Access a Wisconsin DMV for a license name change. There you apply for a duplicate license with the new name.

Filing IRS Form 8822 is a very smart (but not mandatory) idea. This form can be completed free of charge and ensures that the IRS has filed your married name when filing tax returns. Simply fill out the form, add a photocopy of your marriage certificate and mail it in. Then, check the Internal Revenue Service off your list! Use a lawyer at ContractsCounsel to change your name! If you, your partner, or both decide to change your last name, the state of Wisconsin allows married couples to do so under common law. That is, as long as this change is used consistently and not for fraudulent purposes. Individuals who have group policies through employers should also provide their employer with proof of name change to update the name on the insurance policy. Keep in mind that the common law name change is treated more like an assumed nickname than anything else. This means that you and your partner cannot take the last name you both want for personal reasons.

Your names on all the legal documents you have are always the names you owned before, whether that`s the case: The cost of a Wisconsin marriage certificate varies by county, but many counties charge around $100. For your information, credit card payments may not be accepted or may require additional fees. After the wedding, you will also have to pay to get certified copies of your marriage certificate. Again, these costs may vary depending on the location. On the day of your hearing, go to the courthouse and bring your birth certificate and any other necessary documents or forms. As long as your name change meets the requirements of state law and no one objects to the name change, the judge will approve your petition and sign the order. If the judge does not grant the name change, he or she fills out a form to reject the name change. A Wisconsin resident who intends to change their name after marriage can do so legally by following these steps: We know everything may seem overwhelming, but don`t worry! The HitchSwitch service can help ensure that you have left nothing to chance by providing impressive checklists and instructions for every step of your name change journey, even for the little things, like updating your social media accounts.

Once you get over them, you can really exhale. Wisconsin residents who require a new U.S. passport after a name change should contact the U.S. Department of State. These travel documents are required for all types of international travel from the United States. Applicants for a new U.S. passport must: Legally, neither party is required to change their surname if they don`t. This means that a woman does not have to take her husband`s surname or vice versa. Strangely, you can`t change your last name on the marriage certificate or the license itself directly, as you can in other states. You file together for a Wisconsin marriage license.

What to bring: Certified marriage certificates can also be submitted by mail along with the marriage certificate application form and a U.S. government-issued photo ID (photocopy). The mailing address of the agency is as follows: This is the so-called “common name change” law. As the name suggests, this “law” is within the rights of every American citizen. This means that a local newspaper must publish your hearing form once a week for three consecutive weeks before your name change hearing. The newspaper will then give you an affidavit for publication as proof of your audience. People updating their records after marriage will need a certified copy of their marriage certificate, government-issued ID, and Social Security number. Individuals can call the provider of their insurance policy for information on the process of updating records.

This will determine if they need to go to the insurance company to request the update or if they can do it remotely. This process varies from company to company. Almost anyone who lives in Wisconsin can change their name. Adults and minors (14 years of age or older) use the same name change forms. Minors under 14 years of age who wish to change their name must complete this form (PDF, 308 KB) in: On the day of your hearing, gather the required documents – the minor`s birth certificate, affidavit of publication, proof of service (if applicable) and affidavit of attempted service (if applicable) – and appear before the judge. The judge will ask the reason for the name change and review all necessary documents. As long as the name change is in the best interests of the minor, the judge will most likely sign the order granting the name change. Individuals with a professional licence may need approval from a licensing committee or board of directors to change their name. People who must register as sex offenders in Wisconsin are not allowed to change their names. The address and contact information for clerks is available online on the Wisconsin Circuit Court website. The legal deposit fee for the petition is $164.50.

Changing your name after a divorce is very common, only after name changes made after marriage. The process is quite simple and requires minimal effort. During divorce proceedings, you must inform the court of your intention to return to your maiden name (or another previous legal name). The divorce decree or divorce decree contains a statement explaining your decision to change your name after the divorce. Once the divorce is finalized, you will receive a copy of the divorce decree and can use it to notify agencies or institutions. Changing your name during a divorce is perhaps the easiest way to change your name in the state of Wisconsin. You or your partner can ask the judge to allow the use of a previous surname that one of you previously had. It can be a birth name or another surname you adopted from a previous marriage. Individuals applying for a name change for political, religious, or other personal reasons may do so by filing the appropriate name change forms with their county district court. Persons prohibited from changing their names are registered sex offenders and those who work in professions requiring a state licence (lawyers, doctors, etc.). This law does not apply to teachers or professions in public schools where there is no government agency or commission approving these licenses. In addition, name changes made for fraudulent purposes will not be sanctioned.

Whether you`re spending time with your girls for a relaxing afternoon or hosting a celebration for two, there`s no limit to the type of pre-party you can host. If you are the only applicant and the non-applicant parent did not attend the hearing or otherwise objected to the name change, the judge will sign the name change form. Stressed about thinking only about name change forms? Consider hiring a name change service to handle the hard parts for you. We recommend HitchSwitch, a lifeline for name change. The team designs customized packages for clients – with all the forms and instructions they need – to save them a lot of time and energy. It`s essentially a janitor for name changes, and HitchSwitch pros are very adept at the name change process for any state (including good old WI). Full instructions for the legal change of your name by the Wisconsin court can be found on the Wisconsin Court website. Related Wisconsin name change forms can also be found there. In short, you must file a petition, publish a public announcement of your proposed name change, and attend a hearing for your petition to be approved.

Yes, it is quite a complicated process.