The MES lab possesses core experimental apparatuses for materials fabrication, in-situ characterization of local thermodynamic states, and evaluation of thermo-chemical phenomena.

Computational Analysis Tools

Computing resources

Software licenses

Material Fabrication

Heating mantle

Heating stirrer

Mutli stirrer

Calcination furnace

Reduction furnace

Heating pressor

Electronic balance

Rotary evaporator

Planetary mills (ball milling)

Evaluation System

Custom-made in-situ characterization system

Catalytic activity test setup

Cell evaluation system (FC)

Cell evaluation system (EC)

Half cell evaluation system

Mass spectrometer

Gas chromatography



Stack test device

Coin cell cycler

Cell cycler (coin cell 16ch, mono cell 16ch)


Li-ion battery cell cycler (5V, 400A, 4ch)

Environmental chamber II

DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter)

Li-ion battery cell cycler (5V, 300A, 2ch)

Temperature controlled chamber

Environmental chamber


Chemical fume hood

Experiment table

Desiccator cabinet (Li-ion battery cell)


Glove box

Two person glove box

Vacuum oven

Dry oven

Dust and fume collector

Vacuum sealing machine

Welding machine