Reaction engineering

Heterogeneous catalysis & reactive gas utilization

Current carbon-intensive industries require environmentally-benign gas utilization to satisfy both energy demands and environmental regulations. Making this process feasible is in dire need of high-performance catalysts to manipulate reaction kinetics and their applications to reactors. Our goal is to manufacture composite catalysts with high performance and durability, elucidate their heterogeneous reaction mechanism, control products yield and selectivity, and develop multi-functional platforms embedded with such catalysts.

1. Natural gas reforming and CO2 utilization catalysis

Abundant natural gas resources and its supply promote extensive research to develop efficient reforming technologies. On the other hand, as climate change continues, capturing carbon dioxide and its conversion have been extensively investigated. To meet these needs, the MES lab has explored candidate materials, fabricated their alloys and composites with oxide supports, elucidated surface reaction mechanism by in-situ characterization, and improved products yield and selectivity by overcoming rate-limiting steps.